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The Twelfth Nilgiri House Function was celebrated on 1st July, 2017 with great verve and vigour. The Chief Guest gracing the occasion was Dr. (Shri) P. B. Deshmukh, Director, Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Technology and Management, Bhilai. Present on the occasion were Shri H. S Batra, Member, Managing Committee, DPS Durg, the Principal Mr. Jaya Prakash, members of the PTA and a large gathering of parents.



The programme commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial Lamp by the Chief Guest followed by Welcome Song. The Welcome Address was given by Mrs. Lissy Santosh, Senior House Warden of the Nilgiri House. Thereafter, the Chief Guest gave away prizes to the meritorious students of the Nilgiri House. The House Report of the past year’s achievements of the Nilgiri House students was read by the House Captains Silas Britto and Mehar Sidhu.

The Cultural Programme that ensued was based on the theme ‘ Harbingers of Change’ which commenced with the Dance Drama ‘Chandalika’ – A New Awakening’ based on a play written by Rabindranath Tagore on the concept of Women’s identity and self-assertion. This entailed Flamenco, a dance form highlighting youthful passion to rejuvenate life with mirth and ecstasy. Next, the Marathi Folk dance Koli, a popular folk dance form performed by the fisherman of coastal area of Maharastra projected how to enjoy after a day’s work and hardship. This was followed by a skit portraying how people have deviated from the path of God due to vain temptations greed and distraction. The Disney World, was a tribute to Walt Disney who envisaged and created utopian joy and was an inspiration to kids. The Western Dance was an enthralling and foot-tapping, rhythmic treat performed by students with zestful fervor. Anushka Pandey’s (Music prodigy of DPS Durg) Solo Song was a mesmerizing rendition accompanied by other budding student musicians Dhawal M Pillai on Keyboard, Sayan Mitra, Rupan Dutta on Dhol and Aryan Ayush on Harmonium. The Theatre Dance ‘One Book, One Pen can Change the World’ was a performance inspired by Malala Yousafzai and her efforts and struggles as a harbingers of change in the field of education.


The Principal Mr. Jaya Prakash introduced the Chief Guest to the gathering and stated that the true achiever is the one who has focus, concentration and dedication to work on his goal. He further viewed that change is not brought about by any other person other than exclusively, one’s own self. More so by one’s own perspective, attitude, ideals and consistent and sincere efforts.

The Chief Guest contended that the prime duty of students should be to consistently update themselves with knowledge and skills especially communication skills. Change, he added, has its own importance in life and is an essential part of life as is evident from Nature and those who quickly imbibe and accept change achieve success better than those who don’t. Those students, he opined, who are focused and empowered with knowledge can achieve anything in life. Also, respecting and revering ones parents is enough to win the grace of God as their blessings only can facilitate her/ him soaring heights of success. He stated that students must learn to be flexible and adaptive to change. He also urged parents not to burden their wards with the pressure of their own unfulfilled desires and also refrain from comparing them with others.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms. Anupreeta Joshi, Junior House Warden of the Nilgiri House. The function concluded with the National Anthem.

The Programme was smartly anchored by Silas Britto, Mehar Sidhu, Priyal Mehta, Nishit Nagpal, Mridul Pillai, Sneha Ann Koshy, Shreya Sharma, Bavneet Kaur and Channasyya Komalpatti.

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