Rainy Day and Pop Corn Day Celebrations
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Rainy Day and Pop Corn Day Celebrations

Pre Nursery and Nursery children celebrated Rainy Day. The concept of Rainy Day was reinforced and developed through the five senses and the tiny tots were exposed to all the things they see, use, eat, hear, smell and feel on a Rainy Day. The children also celebrated the Pop Corn day as Corn Cobs are available only in rainy season.



Teachers showed the various forms of corn like sweet corn, baby corn, corn cobs and  corn flakes. The corn pasting activity was conducted in the classes to make children aware of how it smells, feels, sounds, looks and tastes. It was a practical learning experience for the children.


Later the students of Pre Primary Wing tied Rakhis to the plants and took a pledge to protect trees to save environment.


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