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The Eleventh Nilgiri House Function was celebrated on 22nd October 2016 with great verve and vigour. The Chief Guest gracing the occasion was Dr. C.S. Kantharaj, MBBS.MS, Dean of Chandulal Chandrakar Medical College. Present on occasion were the Principal Mr. Jaya Prakash, members of the PTA and a large gathering of parents .

The Programme commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial Lamp by the Chief Guest followed by the Welcome Song. The Welcome Address was given by Mrs. Lissy Santosh, Senior House Warden of the Nilgiri House. Thereafter, the Chief Guest gave away prizes to the meritorious students of the Nilgiri House. The House report of the past year’s achievement of the Nilgiri House students was read by the House Captains Prabneet Kaur and Nikhil Kumar.


The cultural programme that ensued was based on the theme ‘ Rekindling Humanity’ which commenced with a presentation of a mime ‘ Samay ka Chakra ‘ portraying the realms of nature and the importance of human sensitivity followed by a Bihu Folk Dance ‘Ecstasy of Life’ projecting the idea of rejuvenating human life through traditional music and mirth . Next, a host of music talents of DPS Durg presented “Sur Jhankaar” , playing variegated musical instruments to create unique melody. The entailing, lyrical ballet, ‘Dhruv Jyoti’, highlighted the life of Jesus, conveying God’s message of love and forgiveness and the fact that a life lived for others is a life worth living. The English skit Snow White and Seven Birds was a poignant enactment of the idea that having compassion for others, is the highest form of piety. Thereafter, the Dance Drama ‘Mukti’ depicted the loss of moral values, scruples and humanity and culture and that traditions always teach humanity which we need to progress in life, consistently, The Western Dance ‘Vibrant Lot’ that followed was a scintillating robotic dance performance conveying the idea that the global perspectives and various aspects of life come together through dance amalgamating into one hue of humanity.nil-hf-3

The Principal Mr. Jaya Prakash introduced the Chief Guest to the gathering and stated that love is very important for humanity to survive . He further viewed that today’s children have started assuming rampant violence, aggression, unrest, dogmas and fanaticism as a way of life and hence it is the duty of parents and all right thinking elders of society to guide them towards the right path. nil-hf-4

The Chief Guest contended that the future of any nation is nurtured in schools. He stated that a mother is the first guide who plays a crucial role in making a child great. He further urged students to have aim, objective, ideas, inspiration and discipline in life and strive consistently towards becoming an all-round personality. He opined that a teacher is a great inspiration and gives direction to a child. He also lauded the students who won Gold Medals in various competitive exams stating that those students would definitely carve a niche for themselves in life.nil-hf-5nil-hf-6

The Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Anupreeta Joshi, Junior House Warden of the Nilgiri House. The function concluded with the National Anthem.

The Programme was smartly anchored by Ishita Tuteja, T. Ravindra, Sakshi Agrawal, Priyal Mehta and Kavyansh Chaurasia.

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