Delhi Public School, Durg organised a Hindustani Classical Vocal rendition of SPICMACAY (The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth) in the school’s Multi Purpose Hall on 23.11.2016. The celebrated artists Pt. Ritesh Mishra and Pt. Rajnish Mishra accompanied by the reputable Tabla Artist Shri Abhishek Mishra and the noted Harmonium player Shri Bharat Kumar Rana rendered Raag Bhairav in Madhya Laya, i.e. mid-tempo and further, they sang in Drut Laya i.e. fast tempo. Both the renditions were in Teentaal  i.e. 16 beats cycle. They also sang a Thumri in Raag Bhairavi. The programme commenced with the presentation of bouquets to the eminent artists by the Principal Mr. Jaya Prakash. The artists were introduced to the students and teachers gathering by Ms. Zohra Ali Husain, In-charge Activities, apprising the audience of the stature, expertise and popularity of the performing artists. Pt. Ritesh and Pt. Rajish Mishra are the recipients of ‘Yuva Ratna Award’-1999, ‘Bhavishya Jyoti Award’-2007,  Sangeet Natak Academy’s ‘Ustad Bismillah Khan Award’-2008 and the coveted ‘Sangeet Samridhi Samman.’ spic-f-1  spic-f-3






The purpose of this programme was to create awareness among the students of the rich heritage and beauty of Indian Classical Music. The rendition by the Maestro duo entailed a question and answer session by the students. Pt. Rajnish Mishra and Pt. Ritesh Mishra answered students’ queries on how to improve on KharajAbyas, about the future scope of Indian Classical Music, the mode of practicing raagas etc. to which the artists contended that the morning time is the best for practicing low notes in Bhairavthaat and the evening time is the best for practicing Yamanthaat. He added that one taan should be practiced a 100 times and while practicing one should stay stable in their tempo. Speaking about the future scope of Indian Classical Music, Mishra Bandhu stated that all types of music are based on Raaga  so‘No music is possible without Indian Classical Music.’ Hence, our country is richer than other countries in this aspect and it is imperative to revive and preserve this rich legacy. They further added that consistent practice, fortitude and not expecting any returns or favours and guidance of Gurus are the way to acquire success in music.









They motivated students with a song composed on swars urging all to sing together. The students were greatly inspired and highly responsive. The programme concluded with the Vote of thanks proposed by the Principal, who affirmed that one must listen carefully to learn lastingly and reiterated that there was no shortcut to success. He said one must first become ‘kaansen’ before aspiring to become Tansen. He further added that his students were sanskari (cultured) and Bhilai too hitherto known for its cultural diversity would eventually become more culturally evolved with this programme.



    That was a very impressive program organised at DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL,DURG. I loved it ! Very much.

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      Thanks for appreciation.

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