The practical knowledge is placed on an equal footing with theoretical knowledge for the all round development of students. For this purpose, the school has labs in numerous disciplines which provide in depth knowledge to students.

DPS Durg has excellent Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science, Maths and Language Labs. The laboratories fully equipped, are huge and spacious. The Engineering Graphics Lab, equipped with appropriate furniture, accommodates as many as 40 students. The Edu-Comp lab is capacious to house 100 students, at a time with modules divided to match various age groups. The Science Labs have CD’s to explain challenging topics, through animation. Edu-comp sessions include conduct of test with simultaneous result generated of 40 students, instantly. Computer Labs are well-furnished and fully equipped with 20 networked PCs under LAN with Internet connection. Students enjoy interactive learning process as well as demonstration of educational CD’s through PCs and LCD projector, in the laboratory. Special care is taken, regularly, to guide the students for the national level competitive examinations, like National Cyber Olympiad(NCO), International Informatics Olympiad(IIO).

Biology Lab

Chemistry Lab

Computer Lab

Language Lab

Mathematics Lab

Physics Lab