DPSD Junior

DPSD Junior

Welcome to Delhi Public School Durg, Junior, New Adarsh Nagar

Delhi Public School, Durg, Junior was started in the year 2016. It has its own unique characteristics. Our school provides a high standard of education and care. The one, that represents the unique setting and the feel of local neighbourhood. We have a small Montessori Elementary Campus keeping in mind that the child needs an environment filled with warmth and beauty. Our classrooms are welcoming, colourful and the children feel like home.
Children are not just bodies in motion. They are spiritual beings who absorb the world they live in to form their inner being. Children are cute and filled with wonders. Surrounding children with authentic beauty, including things that may be fragile, sends a message to our students that we value you, we believe you are worthy of living in a beautiful, serene environment. You are a responsible and capable of handling precious things.
Children are born as innovators with vivid imagination. Every child is born creative and imaginative. Besides academics, we also take up Co-Curricular Activities, Fun Based Learning, Exhibitions. Educational Trips are conducted which boost children’s personality in a positive direction. Colouring, Collage, Colour Day Celebrations, Group Activities etc help the children express their creativity to a higher level in a constructive manner. The school has been able to achieve a niche for itself in Preschool education in the vicinity.



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