Campus Overview

Campus Overview

Embedded in a lush green environment with a sprawling, impressive infrastructure equipped with modern educational facilities inclusive of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. DPS, Durg is acclaimed to be an institution par excellence for academics.

Pre-Primary Wing
We offer our students a creative, stimulating and nurturing environment to ensure their academic and personaldevelopment. They are encouraged toexplore, investigate and relish theintrinsic joy of learning. The teachersshape the curriculum to develop the student’s capacity to observe, experiment, think and question.

Primary Wing
We provide a conceptual learningenvironment in order to build a strong foundation for the students. Our curriculum helps our students to not only acquire knowledge in the core subjects but also creative, communicative, critical and collaborative skills with a focus onsound values and positive attitudes.

Middle Wing
The focus of this programme is on strengthening the knowledge, skills and competencies of students through comprehensive and innovative learning activities. The students learn toquestion, investigate and thinkindependently. Our curriculumprovides and promotes anenvironment based on developmentalreadiness, needs and interests.

Senior Wing
In this programme, we ensure that ourstudents develop resilience, confidenceand maturity before they step into theoutside world. The concepts in different disciplines are dealt with diligence and rigour. We assist ourstudents in identifying their areas ofstrength to help them pursue a programme that is best aligned withtheir long-term goals.