Awards and Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships

Exemplary students are conferred with various awards at different levels:

  1. Most Promising student of the Wing(Boy and Girl)
  2. Impeccable Turnout (Boy and Girl)
  3. Best All-Rounder
  4. Popular Student of the class
  5. Outstanding in Colouring
  6. Outstanding in Hindi Recitation
  7. Outstanding in English Recitation
  8. Outstanding Artist
  9. Mathemagician
  10. Budding Scientist
  11. Best in Environmental Awareness
  12. Best in Orals and Written Work (English and Hindi)
  13. Computer Wizard
  14. Proficiency Prizes for Academic Performance
  15. Outstanding Personality Award ( One Boy and One Girl)
  16. Proficiency Prizes for Co-Scholastic Activities
  17. Most Promising Boy / Girl of the Wing.
  18. President’s Cup for the Best All - Rounder student of the School.
  19. Pro – Vice Chairman’s Cup for the best All Rounder in each class.
  20. Principal’s Cup for the Most Promising Student.
  21. Subject Proficiency Cups in various subjects
  22. Trophies for proficiency in Games & Sports.
  23. Trophies for Cultural achievements.
  24. Full Attendance Prizes.
  25. Impeccable Turnout Student of the House (Boy / Girl).
  26. Cash award / Book Awards are given to students securing the First Rank in the class: